The best way we can successfully soundproof our floor.

ηχομώνοση στο δάπεδο πετροβάμβακας fibraneco καραπιπέρης αίγιο αχαία κορινθία

How can we successfully soundproof our floor and deal with both impact and airborne noise?

An extremely important issue concerning the quality of life at home or in the workplace is thesound insulation on the floorin such a way as to deal with all noises regardless of their origin. In this article we will see the best solution for this very important issuesoundproofing on the floorand we will thoroughly analyze all the materials offered.

Construction solution of an anti-noise floor with stone wool FIBRANgeo

In the case of construction of a floating floor, ostone wool FIBRANgeofloor must overlap:

  • with garbilodema, cement mortar (liquid method) or
  • with ready-made covering panels, such as marine plywood, fiberboard or 18mm thick OSB. – 21 thousand or sheet metal - steel sheet (dry method).

On top of this basic coating, depending on the use of the floor, thedesired final surface, such as ceramic tiles, marble slabs, wood flooring, engineered wood flooring, laminate, plastic, rubber, linoleum, carpet, industrial flooring, etc.

petrovamvakas fibran karapiperis aigio

For its constructionanti-noise swimming floor(floating floor) withstone wool FIBRANgeowe should know the following:

  1. The substrateit must be clean, dry and fairly flat.

    a. Εάν υπάρχουν σωληνώσεις πρέπει να καλυφθούν οριακά με τσιμεντοκονίαμα και να επιπεδωθεί όλο το δάπεδο, ή εναλλακτικά να τοποθετηθεί εκατέρωθεν των σωληνώσεων μια πρώτη στρώση με πλάκες πετροβάμβακα, πάχους όσο είναι η διάμετρος των σωληνώσεων και στη συνέχεια μια δεύτερη στρώση πετροβάμβακα.

  2. We place themstone wool slabs(with a compressive strength of at least 20 kPa and of suitable thickness to obtain the total required construction thickness) in contact from one plate to another, without gaps.
  3. We placethin strips of stone woolaround the walls (and on every vertical element of the space) to avoid sound bridges, at a height up to the intended level of the final floor.
  4. Spread on the stone woolpolyethylene film (νάυλον), με επικάλυψη των ενώσεων κατά 10 cm και σφράγισή τους με αυτοκόλλητη ταινία, αλλά και γύρισμα της μεμβράνης (κατακόρυφα) στους περιμετρικούς τοίχους τουλάχιστον μέχρι την προβλεπόμενη στάθμη του τελικού δαπέδου. Εναλλακτικά των (3) και (4) μπορούμε να απλώσουμε φύλλο αφρώδους πολυαιθυλενίου τύπου FIBRANxpe πάχους 3 ή 5mm.
  5. Spread the garbilodema, cement mortar (wet method) or the ready-made covering plates (dry method) of similar strength. Especially the garbilodema should:
    • to bearmedwith suitable light metal mesh.
    • to below shrinkage.
    • to havethickness of at least 5 cm(depending on expected loads).
    • to be foreseenexpansion jointsper 20 – 25 m2 with a side length no longer than 6 m. In the expansion joints we can use XPE (foamed polyethylene) strips.
    • to be generally made withstamina, in accordance with the requirements of the national construction standards and the instructions of the Engineer.
    • necessarilymortar emulsion (latex) as well as polypropylene fibers should be used when mixing the garbillode.
    • in the event that we chooseceramic tilesit is essential to use very good quality tile adhesive and reliable tile grout to avoid future problems.
  6. We install itfinished floorthat we have chosen (ceramic tiles, marble slabs, wooden floor, polished semi-massive, laminate, etc.).
    In particular, the finished wooden floor can be glued, or placed freely (floating) on ​​a FIBRANxpe type foam rubber substrate (sound insulation substrate).
    In this case, the wooden floor can be installed not only on screed or cement mortar, but on ready-made covering boards, such as OSB, marine plywood or fiberboard (dry method).
  7. We cutthe rockwool and the polyethylene membrane that we had turned on the perimeter walls, along with the final floor.
  8. End,we place the skirting board, without coming into direct contact with the finished floor, inserting elastic sealing mastic between them.

With the above construction both theairborne noises(music, speech, television etc) as well as theimpact noises(walking, hitting the floor, walking with heels, etc.).

This type of construction reliably solves the significant noise problems that arise in apartment buildings between floors, apartments, etc.

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