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1)Stainless steel sinks

The combination of the careful design of the ergonomics and the excellent materials are the main characteristics of theof PYRAMIS stainless steel sinks. With a rich range of sinks that is constantly enriched, PYRAMIS is the most reliable choice, for those who have chosen, thesink of their kitchento be stainless steel.

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The sinkspiegranitethey are made of 80% crystalsnatural granitewhile the remaining 20% ​​of the mixture consists ofexcellent quality resins. The excellent materials ensure resistance to impact, heat, chemicals and provide absolute hygiene. The ideal solution for anyone who chooses a sink made from alternative materials.

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3) PYRATEK sinks

The new range of PYRATEK synthetic sinks is the result of long-term research and development. Sinks in attractive designs, a variety of colors and excellent mechanical properties are the new proposal of PYRAMIS in the category of synthetic sinks.

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For more information, for all typesof PYRAMIS sinkstheir dimensions as well as other technical characteristics, inour siteto thecollaboratorsyou can tap onPYRAMIS.

There you will find in detail every useful information about all sinks.

TEKA sinks

1) TEKA stainless steel sinks

Insertsstainless steel sinkswith one trough or two troughs, with right or left apron. Also INOX sinks inset with a trough or even with an auxiliary small trough. Sinks for flat or top mounting with one or two troughs.

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2) TEKA Granite Sinks

Built-in sinks, synthetic granite with one trough - two troughs - and an apron. Subsets, synthetic granites with one trough.

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For your complete information, for all typesTEKA sinksas well as for any technical information on all types and models of sinks as well as their technical specifications, atour siteto thecollaboratorsyou can pressTEKA.

There you will see in detail every useful information you need.

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