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THIRACON repair products

Thracon repair products are produced and controlled by processes certified with ISO 9001 and are harmonized with the European standard ΕΝ 1504-3. They serve a wide range of tasks, from simple minor repairs to repairs of high demands.

WRM 500_4kg_final_3D_CMYK

WRM 500 Fast setting hydraulic mortar

One-component sealing mortar, ultra-fast setting (setting time 3 min), non-shrinking. Only water is required for its preparation.
Εφαρμογή: Σφραγίζει άμεσα ρωγμές, διαρροές, τρύπες και αρμούς σε κατασκευές τοιχοποιίας ή σκυροδέματος, όπως φράγματα, υπονόμους, δεξαμενές αποβλήτων, υδατοδεξαμενές, υπόγειους χώρους, τούνελ, θεμέλια. Κατάλληλο και για αγκύρωση μπουλονιών, σωληνώσεων, ειδών υγιεινής και γενικά για εργασίες που απαιτούν γρήγορη και ισχυρή στήριξη.
Consumption: 1 kg of dry mortar yields approximately 0.6 Liters of ready liquid mortar.

Packaging: 4 kg

WRM 510_5kg_final_3Dcmyk

WRM 510 Primer for anti-corrosion protection of rebars

One-component, spreadable anti-corrosion product, consisting of special specification cement, silica, resins and admixtures.
Application: Suitable for the corrosion protection of steel reinforcement and the preparation of concrete, iron and other construction materials before the application of repair materials.
Consumption: For application in reinforcement: 0.06-0.12kg/current meter. As an adhesion bridge: Approximately 2.0 kg/m2 for two coats.

Packaging: 5 kg



WRM 515 FIX Repair mortar R2

One component repair resin cement mortar, type PCC R2 based on EN 1504-3.
Suitable for repairs of concrete surfaces, masonry, plasters, construction of roof trusses, construction of hatches, etc.
Application: The product is suitable for repairs of concrete surfaces, masonry, plasters, hatch construction, etc. It is also produced in a tile shade for the construction of gabled roofs.
Consumption: About 15 kg/m²/cm layer thickness.
Hatch construction: 1.8 – 2.6 kg/m

Packaging: 5 – 25 kg

WRM 525

WRM 525 Reparative fiber-reinforced high strength mortar R4

Repair fiber-reinforced high strength cement mortar for concrete, one component, type PCC R4, base EN 1504-3.
Application: Suitable for repairs and structural reinforcements of particularly high demands (of the order of 45MPa) in concrete elements. It is applied to a thickness of up to 40 mm per layer, by trowel or spraying.
Consumption: About 17-18 kg/m²/cm layer thickness.

Packaging: 5 – 25 kg


WRM 550_25kg_final_3D

WRM 550 Quick setting repair plaster

White, fast-setting, cement-based repair plaster. It consists of cement, lime, marble and improvement additives.
Application: Suitable for plastering in old and new constructions, small repairs (repairs), sealing holes, repairing broken pieces of plaster, wide cracks and broken corners.
Consumption: 13-14 kg/m² for an application thickness of 1 cm

Packaging: 5 – 25 kg


Propylene fibers

Συνθετικές ίνες προπυλενίου που είναι αποτελεσματικές σε minimum δοσολογίες. Για στεγανό μπετόν δεξαμενών, στεγανές τσιμεντοκονίες, οπλισμένα επιχρίσματα, αντιτριβικά δάπεδα κ.λπ. Κατασκευάζονται μόνο από παρθένο πολυπροπυλένιο χωρίς πλαστικοποιητές. Λόγω της ειδικής επιφανειακής μεταχείρισης διασπώνται πολύ εύκολα σε 300 εκατ. ινίδια ανά κιλό (στα 6 mm).

Packaging: 0.9 kg / 6 mm




THRACON putties

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DEC 470

DEC 470 Fine-grained trowel putty – For internal & external use

One component white mortar. Eliminates traditional putties and oil putties. Gives a smooth final surface, free of lumps, lines and cracks after drying.
Application: Suitable for spatulating internal surfaces on concrete, plaster, cement mortars.
Consumption: 1.0 kg/m² for two coats

Packaging: 5 – 20 kg

DEC 480

DEC 480 Coarse-grained trowel putty – For internal & external use

One component white mortar. Eliminates traditional putties and oil putties, while covering larger surfaces compared to them. Gives a smooth finish for painting or bonding wallpaper.
Application: Suitable for troweling internal and external surfaces on concrete, plaster, cement mortars.
Consumption: 1.2 kg/m² for two coats

Packaging: 20 kg


STATUS one cover

STATUS ONE COVER Lightweight acrylic putty

Ready-to-use, lightweight acrylic putty for any interior and exterior surface. It is easy and soft to work with, no sanding is required and it can be painted as soon as the surface dries.
Application: With a single pass for filling joints, cracks and all kinds of openings up to 3 cm thick.

Packaging: 1 lt



STATUS 100% Acrylic putty

White construction putty for indoor and outdoor use. It works easily and softly, does not run and fills evenly. It dries quickly without cracking and rubs easily, leaving a smooth and highly durable surface.
Application: Stocking or spatulating any surface made of plaster, wood, concrete, plasterboard, etc. Also ideal for fine grinding.
Consumption: 400 g/m2

Packaging: 400 g – 800 g – 5 kg



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