Gutter System (Roof Hatches)

καραπιπερης αιγιο λούκια υδρορροές


καραπιπερης αιγιο λουκια οριζοντια

The choice forinstallation of horizontal and vertical guttersin a building it is undoubtedly a necessity and not a luxury.

There is no roof that does not require the installation of a gutter system. The advantages of installing a gutter system, both in existing homes and in new constructions, are known to everyone.

In addition to solving many practical everyday problems, such as the collection and runoff of rainwater, theguttersthey are necessary for the long-term safe and watertight use of a building (protects from corrosion all external surfaces, frames, walls, coatings, paints, etc. of a building).

Modern gutter systems are usually made of aluminum and come in many colors (white, tile, brown, green, gray, copper shade, etc.). The aluminum of the gutters, as a material, has a long-term guarantee.

The aluminum roof gutters, both horizontal and vertical, remain stable and have a long life, while they are not damaged by the sun over time as was the case with plastic type gutters.

They come in a wide variety of lengths, even in single pieces, in very long lengths. The gutter system is supported by a wide variety of accessories, which are suitable for their installationon any roof, because our company has all the special pieces required (supports, hidden supports, corners, plugs, etc.) ready for delivery.

LOUKI 1 karapiperis
LOUKI 3 karapiperis
LOUKI 4 karapiperis

Their price is advantageous and is proportional to their type, quality and manufacturing plant.

Επίσης, για την υγρομόνωση της στέγης σε πολλές περιπτώσεις είναι απαραίτητη η χρησιμοποίηση και ταινίας αλουμινίου. Η ταινία αλουμινίου παράγεται σε ρολά με μεγάλη ποικιλία στο πλάτος της (50cm – 60cm- 75cm- 100m κλπ) έτσι ώστε να καλύπτει κάθε ανάγκη στεγάνωσης, που προκύπτει κατά την κατασκευή μιας στέγης (εσωτερικές υδρορροές – ντερέδες σε εγκιβωτισμένες στέγες κλπ).


The aluminum tape is tile-colored on one side and beige on the other side so that it can be used on the roofs, depending on the color of the tiles (tile-beige) and a similar color result is obtained.

Of course, a very important role is also played by the correct installation of the gutter system by the technician who installs them, with the use of all the appropriate components as needed and their careful welding withthe best sealantsthat our company has ready for delivery.

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