Floor varnishes

καραπιπέρης εβεξ αίγιο διακοπτό ωερνίκια πατωμάτων


In our company there are ready-to-deliver in largevariety of floor varnisheswater and solvent as well as floor primer, giving the customer many options. Varnishes suitable for indoor use,such as wooden floors, stairs, handrails etc.


Floor varnish solventfor indoor use, TRANSPARENT -SATINE and GLOSSY of one component, suitable for any type of wooden floor. It has high hardness and abrasion resistance etc.

Water floor varnishPARQUET-FLOOR VARNISH AQUA satin and matt. 1-component water-based transparent polyurethane varnish. With the addition of a special 2-component catalyst. It is suitable for indoor use.

2-component floor varnish( A + B) polyurethane PREMIUM FLOOR VARNISH for indoor use PU 2K satin and matte suitable for all floors (wood - cement - stone - metal). Its special formulation offers excellent durability and a durable finish.

Primer – Solvent floor sealeru WOOD SEALER VARNISH. Translucent acrylic sealing base – wood surface treatment varnish with excellent protection against stains, water, blackening, rotting, UV rays. Strong substrate to apply the final coat of varnish.

Indoor water varnishBONDEX FLOOR glossy-satin-mat QUICK DRYING FLOOR VARNISH. Acrylic-based wood varnish with very fast drying (30 minutes to the touch) and low odor. 3 coats of varnish can be applied in one day.


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