Niangon wood (niangon). The reliable wood with the rich appearance.

OR yangon timber, comes from the Nyangon tree and is a tropical wood native to Central and West African countries. Countries that produce large quantitiesyangonthey are Liberia, Ghana, Central African Republic, Sierra Leone, Gabon, Cameroon etc.

Ξυλεία Νιανγκόν Καραπιπέρης ΕΒΕΞ, Αίγιο, Πάτρα, Καλάβρυτα

Nyangon trees reach a diameter of up to 130cm and a height of up to 35 meters. It is a wood that can be worked with ease. It is usually red-reddish-brown in color. Its pores are usually darker and coarser.

Thenyangon is considered a mahogany woodand has a very rich appearance. It looks similar to sipo and dark red meranti. However, it stands out from many other tropical woods because it is oily, that is, it is wood with a fairly oily surface and texture, due to the extracts it has.

The yangonit is wood with remarkable resistance to attacks by insects and fungi, it has moderate density and mechanical strength. It is a strong and fairly hard wood, with moderate resistance to compression and bending.

Παράθυρο από ξύλο Νιανγκόν Καραπιπέρης ΕΒΕΞ, Αίγιο, Κόρινθος

Included inwoods that have increased strength. Είναι ανθεκτικό στην υγρασία και για το λόγο αυτό, χρησιμοποιείται σε πολλές εξωτερικές χρήσεις γιατί αντέχει στις καιρικές συνθήκες. Το νιανγκόν είναι ξύλο που χρησιμοποιείται κυρίως σε εξωτερικές κατασκευές, όπως παράθυρα, μπαλκονόπορτες, εξώπορτες, αυλόπορτες, προσόψεις κτιρίων αλλά και σε εσωτερικές κατασκευές, όπως σκάλες, δάπεδα κλπ. Επίσης, το προτιμούν και σε πολλές ναυπηγικές εργασίες.

It is a wood that works well, but in most cases, before screws are used, it will need to be pre-drilled to avoid unwanted splitting when screwing.

necessary,nyangon should be worked dry(dryer) with humidity below 12%, both for indoor and outdoor use. In furniture applications, the humidity should be around 9%.

Of the many tropical woods available on the market, it is considered one of the easiest to work with, even with simple tools, while at the same time it is very reliable. For this reason, it is particularly popular.

Καραπιπέρης ΕΒΕΞ σανίδες ξύλου Νιανγόν Καλάβρυτα, Ακράτα, Διακοπτό

Is wood of medium hardness,weighing from 550–750 kg/m3 which darkens when exposed to the sun. When dyeing, nyangon needs special care and an experienced craftsman, because of its oily (greasy) surface and the special texture and pores it has.

That is, it needs meticulous work to successfully paint it. It is necessary to use the appropriate materials (paints or varnishes), after the correct pre-treatment.

Nyangon timber is available in our companyin dryer-applied boards (plates). Its usual thicknesses are 50 mm, 80 mm, etc. Of course, it is also available in other thicknesses of 25 mm, 38 mm, 63 mm, etc., upon order. The lengths and widths of the nyangon usually vary from 2.30 meters and more.

Σανίδες Τροπικού ξύλου Νιανγκόν Καραπιπέρης ΕΒΕΞ Κόρινθος, Ξυλόκαστρο

It is considered one of the most suitable woods for the construction of exterior frames, both traditional and modern. Niangon is also available in three-ply composite and dimensioned, which is mainly used in heat-insulating frames.

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