Nanotechnology in structural, sealing and insulating materials

The developments of products in the field of construction and construction in the last 15 years.

A special category of products that has developed at a very fast pace in recent years is thenanotechnology products. They are innovative quality products with high specifications. Nanotechnology products are suitable for all branches of building, construction, industry, shipping, yachting, energy upgrading of buildings as well as many other special applications.

In our country they existindustries producing nanotechnology productsthat offer reliable solutions to deal with many technical issues both in building and in waterproofing, insulation, waterproofing, surface protection, etc.

Special waterproofing and surface protection products
Waterproofing products
Cement-based sealants
Special colors
Epoxy coatings for floors and special applications
Self leveling
Epoxy coatings for swimming pools
Products for cleaning and restoration of surfaces
Protection and painting of floors
Protection and painting of metal surfaces
Protection and painting of wooden surfaces
Concrete repairs
Special primers - wrinkles, etc.
Self-cleaning photocatalytic coatings
Series of special products for yachting
Specialized products for shipping and industry
Energy upgrade products
Products for specialized applications

OR NANOPHOShas developed for many construction problems integrated systems to deal with them, giving intelligent solutions by using themnanotechnology products. With NANOPHOS nanotechnology productsmany large projects have been built both in Greece and in 40 countries around the world.

Προϊόντα Νανοτεχνολογίας Nanophos Καραπιπέρης ΕΒΕΞ Αίγιο, Πάτρα, Κόρινθος

Many are well-known and established in the local market as wellNANOPHOS productsboth inAegio, in Patras, in Akrata and in general in Achaia, as well as in Corinth and Western Greece etc.

In many jobs our company has suppliednanotechnology products. NANOPHOS products have been used with complete success in many projects. Ensuring breathability, long life and resistance to U/V solar radiation among other benefits.

the NANOPHOS productsthey have many international awards and are certified withISO 9001 – 14001 – 45001.

Indicatively, we can focus among its many products on the most popular and acclaimed NANOPHOS products such as:

The SURFAPORE Cwhich is a cementitious surface waterproofer suitable for joints, plasters, stones, etc.
The SURFAPORE RDwhich is an anti-rising dampness, water-based impregnation solution.
The SURFAPORE Mwhich offers waterproofing and oil protection of marbles and natural stones.
The SURFAPORE Wwhich is an impregnation solution for waterproofing and oil protection of absorbent wooden surfaces.
The SURFAPAINT WOOD VARNISH UV BLOCKERwhich is a satin polyurethane water varnish protecting wooden surfaces from U/V radiation.
The SURFAPAINT WOOD STAINwhich is a water-impregnated hybrid varnish for the protection and decoration of wooden surfaces. It is available colorless and colored in many shades.
The SURFAPORE AGwhich protects many surfaces from graffiti.
The SURFAPORE Rwhich is a waterproofing and protection impregnation solution for tiles, clay items, kotto slabs, etc.
The SURFAPORE Tused to waterproof and protect polished marble, granite and other less absorbent surfaces.
The SYRFAPAINT THERMODRY ELASTOMERIC ROOF HUBRIDwhich is a heat-insulating spreadable hybrid – elastomer for roofs.
TheSURFAPAINT THERMODRY EXTERIORwhich is a heat-protective water color for external use.
SURFAPORE THERMO DRY. It is a mixture of nanotechnology and microtechnology that is added to the paint offering thermal insulation, waterproofing and energy saving improving the energy efficiency of buildings.
DESALIN Kis a powerful tile cleaner of stains and grout residues.
SURFAPAINT STORE VARNISHacrylic water varnish for stones, concrete surfaces, rocks, etc.
TheSURFAPORE Fwhich is used for waterproofing plasterboards, chipboards, plywood etc. It is also used as a plasterboard primer.

Excluding the aboveNANOPHOS productswe also have many other special products suitable for every use. We continuously source all new nanotechnology products produced in order to offer them to our customers in a timely manner.

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