Energy saving and building materials.

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OR energy savingin the difficult and changing times we live in, among other things, because of and constantlyrising cost of energy, is the ultimate question that constantly occupies our minds.

For this reason, we can think of some wrong choices that we might have made during the construction or renovation of our home or our business premises, mainly due to ignorance or insufficient information. It's known thatapproximately 45% of total energy consumption is consumed in buildings.

Trying to help,giving some ideas and making some indicative suggestions, in her directionenergy saving, we will briefly suggest some solutions to deal with some of the problems that exist.

Of course, we all realize that in the immediate future, we will hardly return to the times when we had the opportunity to not be particularly interested and recklesslywe waste energy. Energy was cheap for many years and many were not particularly concerned about its cost.

Σπατάλη ενέργειας πλανήτης

Now itenergy costs are unfortunately already very highand the future for energy prices does not look promising. This problem is certainly growing, due to the pandemic,of the war in Ukraine, the new cold war, the financial crisis, inflation, the limitation of energy sources, the East-West confrontation, the embargoes that were imposed, etc.

All this results, among others, in the indescribable overall increase in energy prices (fuel, natural gas and unfortunately the take-off of the price of heating oil).

The above adverse events lead us to the conclusion that we should have priority in our minds and act sooneverything necessary in our building, in order to drastically reduce the expenditure intended forheating and cooling. This energy expenditure is considered to be the largest part of the energy consumption of a residence, reaching approx65% of total household energy consumption.

In the existing buildings as well as in the newly erected buildings, we must take our measures in time and include in our plans, especially in the houses, some interventions in the insulation, which are now absolutely necessary. With theinsulation interventionswe will immediately save large amounts of money, making at the same time a quick amortization of the expenses we will makefor insulating materialsand artisan work.

the modern insulating materialsthey are completely reliable and effective, as they have a long life span because they are sophisticated new generation products.

Καραπιπέρης ΕΒΕΞ εξοικονόμηση ενέργειας με δομικά υλικά

With their correct application it is achievedgreat energy savings, because in the winter the heat is preserved while in the summer the space does not overheat and remains cool.

As an example, we can mention some cases of interventions that must be taken into account.

Thermal insulation and waterproofing of the roof of our building (roof insulation).

In most buildings in our country, especially inbuildings of older construction, on their roofs (roofs) there is no reliable onethermal insulation. We will see how easily and efficiently we can fix it to our advantage.

The construction of a roof or the repair of the existing roof with modern methods and materials

The construction of a ceramic roof with modern material specifications and a reliable method of construction effectively and immediately solves any waterproofing problem that exists. We will discover ways to best deal with it.

Saving energy through the external thermal insulation of buildings (thermal facade)

Είναι πια γνωστή σε όλους, η μεγάλη εξοικονόμηση ενέργειας που προκύπτει από την εφαρμογή του συστήματος εξωτερικής θερμομόνωσης του κέλυφους του κτιρίου, τόσο σε υφιστάμενα κτίρια όσο και σε νεοανεγειρόμενες οικοδομές. Σας αποκαλύπτουμε όλα τα βέλτιστα υλικά και τους τρόπους για την ιδανική θερμοπρόσοψη.

Εξωτερική θερμοπρόσωψη ΕΒΕΞ Καραπιπέρης Αίγιο, Πάτρα, ακράτα

Interior interventions in existing buildings for optimal energy savings

Many small or larger interventions can be made inside buildings and especially houses with many positive results and significant energy savings. Discover what they are and the ideal ways to apply them.

Due to the necessary length of such an article to be truly complete in all respects, this article will be presented in three (3) monthly installments.

We will look at all of the above in detail, thoroughly examining each case and sub-case concerning each operation / intervention so that the reader can know all the parameters related to the application of each case.

All the necessary primary and secondary materials required in the various constructions will also be presented along with the optimal way of use so that the reader – expert or not – knows the how and why of the whole implementation.

So stay with us throughout the evolution of our article on energy saving in relation to building materials to discover – practically – everything about the subject.

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