EBEX KARAPIPERIS continues to grow steadily in the field of construction, always with you and your needs in mind.

However, what makes her unique is that she is always by your side to suggest, advise and support your choices through a relationship that she constantly develops with you, a relationship that lasts.

For you, for your home, your apartment, your company, your office. From the first idea to the final implementation.

We welcome you to your place!

What we can do for you

Discover our products and services.

Discover our services at a glance, or browse our product catalog page to find what you're looking for from a wide range of related products.

Everything about wood

Find out what you need to choose the right timber for every use and application.

Complete building solutions

For the construction, reconstruction or repair of your home or business premises, find here all the solutions.

Choose the most suitable insulation

Protect your home or business and at the same time earn by saving energy.

Everything you need for a proper roof

The roof is the crown of every construction. Discover everything around the roof.

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